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Roadsmith Trikes, The Trike Shop, Trikes and Trike conversion kits. Specializing in Motorcycle Trike conversions and ready-made trikes We hand build VW trikes to your specifications from £5000. We also sell kits Bike Image Description; 1500 VW Trike : 1989 V6 Beetle Trike: 3000cc v6 reliant beetle trike. VW 1300 Trike : 1959 VW Stires Wil-Mac Trike: More VW. Wild Man Trikes designs and builds V-8, VW and V-Twin award winning trikes and choppers. We also offer frames, parts and services. Award winning builds for over 8 years. Trikes for sale. 1,689 likes · 85 talking about this. Free to list facebook page for Trike fans. If your selling your Trike then please feel free to send. Imagine riding a VW trike like this, anytime, anywhere. It looks great! It sounds great and it handles great. Phil Parry is my name and I'm no mechanic. 68 Corvette Trike. Built in 2005 and was orginally pearl red with silver and black flames and had the yamaha front end on it then. It was built in Deland Florida. Bad Ass Trike Company design and build mid engine trikes,and sell them as a trike kit. I have a 1958 VW Beetle, original European car with working semaphores. Plenty of pics available if interested, looking to trade for a daily driver, what. Larry's VW Trike. Assembly to start 5/21/08. Click on the thumbnail for a full size picture. Close the window to come back.